Other Audition Information

  1. Auditions are closed to parents and the public.
  2. During the auditions, students will be judged on intonation, interpretation, tone, rhythm, technique and scale proficiency and required excerpts.
  3. Student placement is competitive. Students are selected primarily by the quality of their audition performance.
  4. All EPSYOs are guaranteed membership in the same group the following season as long as the proper paperwork and forms are filled out. To be considered for placement in a higher group, the EPSYOs member must audition following the preceding guidelines. Orchestra placements may not be appealed.

Audition Tips

  1. Be prepared. This is the most important thing you can do. Don't leave your preparation for the last minute! Make sure you've taken an adequate amount of time and practicing to prepare the music. If you haven't started practicing, start now!
  2. Have a positive attitude. Visualize yourself going into the room and playing your best.
  3. Arrive in plenty of time, and warm up. Double-check your audition time and place and plan to arrive with plenty of time to warm up. Since there may be many other musicians in the same room with you, focus on your own warm up.
  4. Eat properly and wear comfortable clothes. 
  5. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before.
  6. Everyone wants you to have a successful audition. GOOD LUCK!